Peephole is a GNU/linux server that periodically checks users' mailboxes harvesting only last emails, extracting user-defined regular espressions. Each user, once logged in, has to define his mail providers [mail server and login informations] and other settings [time delay, regular expressions, ...].
Peephole supports various mail protocol as pop3, pop3s and apop.

The project also provides two clients. The first is a GUI (WindowMaker Dockapp) that lights up a user-defined icon when Peephole find an interesting mail on the mail server. The second is a text console client.
With this dockapp you won't waste your time with useless downloads.


November 2nd 04: Peephole 1.4 avaiable! Important bugfix!

July 19th 04: WMpeople 1.3 avaialable! Now with support for transparent xpm icons!

June 28th 04: Peephole and WMpeople are now included in the Portage tree of Gentoo Linux! Thanks to Michele Noberasco!

Definitely Under Construction!

Work in Progress!